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Memorials, Renovations, Lettering

Of course the dear departed friend or relative will live forever in the memory but, in order to commemorate their time in your company and that of others, Wray Brothers Monumental place at your disposal, the experience of four generations of craftsmen to assist in finding a permanent and fitting tribute.

Monumental masons, highly regarded over the years for the quality of their workmanship, Wray Brothers will guide you with sensitivity through the choices available.

Stone of all types including Marble, Granite and Slate is here and can be transformed into the permanent monument you seek.

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Why Choose Us?

Whatever the decided message, Wray Brothers Monumental will incorporate it for all time as an integral part of this special and permanent memorial.

"Peace, perfect peace" is what we wish for those from whom we are separated. Wray Brothers Monumental conveys this emotion throughout the North West of England and provides you with your own peace of mind, knowing that your emotion has been registered to perfection.

Our Thoughts Are With You

"Always in our thoughts. Forever in our hearts.”

“To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.”

“Memory is a golden chain that binds us till we meet again.”

“On earth one gentle soul less. In heaven one angel more.”

“Peace perfect peace.”